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Humphrey Kynaston

Humphrey Kynaston by Amy Douglas

‘It is a delight to see Moonstruck working with young people to breathe new life into old tales, being a bridge from the past to the future – bravo!’

Amy Douglas
Professional international storyteller and writer of ‘Shropshire Folktales’ in which our folktale was found.




Isabelle Davies – Humphrey (start), vicar and ensemble
Milly Harvey – Humphrey’s mum, Humphrey (middle) and ensemble
Nate Hyde – Humphrey (end) and ensemble
Farren Weaver – Painter, Humphrey’s wife and ensemble
Tom Monk – Humphrey’s father and ensemble
Jack Rennie – Lead narrator, musician, Rent Collector and ensemble
Josh Bickford-Smith – Ensemble
Megan Jones – Sheriff and ensemble
Jenn Harvey – Beelzebub (Humphrey’s horse) and ensemble

Creatives and Production Team:

Hannah de Quincey – director / project manager / creative producer
Anna Belyavin – movement director
Emily Green – assistant theatre maker and deviser
Jack Rennie – music (live and recorded)
Jenn Harvey – costume, props sourcing and making, flyer artist
James Prince – lighting and sound technician
Steven Charlie – assistant lighting technician & backstage helping hand
Megan Budd – project administrator & marketing support (until March)
Russell Copeland – project administrator & marketing support
Lizzie Bennett – rehearsal photographer
Josh Sedgley – performance day photographer

About the performance style:

Our play is delivered in an ensemble style. This is a style where actors play multiple roles, including inanimate objects, and flow between utilising physical theatre, chorus, dialogue and narration. The ensemble style of theatre is very much about the power of teamwork and equality. The cast share the storytelling and are equally invested in communicating the richness of each moment of the story to the audience, whether they play a tree or a main character in that moment! The stagecraft is shown to the audience as this is seen as part of the magic of theatre, encouraging audience and actor to unite in investing their imaginations in the make-believe. Please note a red scarf (dutifully honouring Jenn’s painting on our flyer) is passed between all Humphreys to symbolise passing on the role.

About the creative process:

This stage adaption is the end product of the Devising Club section of Newport Youth Theatre who formed in February.
The children and volunteers have experienced the process of devising an original Youth Theatre show entirely from scratch, whilst learning more about local folklore, and all have grown their skills and confidence through the process. Devising is a demanding theatre making process that tests the metal of any group of theatre practitioners, professional or amateur.
As demonstrated by our premiere of ‘Humphrey Kynnaston’, the pay off is that it results in vividly rich and vibrant creativity that is unique to the group and a celebration of their authentic talent. The script we have created and our performance is a huge achievement; a beautiful testament to what can be achieved by channelling communal creativity between the generations.

Moonstruck Astronaut is a rare not-for-profit social enterprise hugely invested in the people of Newport and Shropshire that is managing to navigate the current arts landscape.
Any kind donation will help us continue to enrich our local children and community’s wellbeing through providing access to high-quality community arts projects.

Thank you very much to Newport Youth Theatre’s sterling volunteers:

Jack Rennie, Jenn Harvey, Josh Bickford-Smith, Tom Monk, Megan Jones, Joanna Barnfield, Andy Kendall, Lizzie Bennett, Godfrey Spur, Liz Bickford-Smith, John Goodier, Josh and Graham Sedgley and Ed de Quincey (a ‘conscript’ at home!).

Thank you very much to Newport Youth Theatre’s many supporters, including:

Kat Hughes, Anna Belyavin, Bridget Supple, Anna Truman, Ed de Quincey, Lynne and Phil Scates, Charles and Sue Pantin, Victor and Joan de Quincey, Councillor Peter Scott, Carol Scott, Kate Gill, Mike Layward, Ben Fredericks, Babbling Vagabonds theatre company, Steve Poole, Val Edgley, Jo Edwards, Nicolina Barratt, Kim Gilmour of Connect Consultancy, Mark Cattell of MA Web Design, Megan Jones of the Shropshire Star, BBC Radio Shropshire and the children’s parents/guardians.

Thank you to Christine Gregory and Eddie Loewendahl of St Nicholas Church, Amy Douglas for her enthusiasm and word copy of the story,  James Prince for solving our stage dilemma with securing Gnosall Memorial Hall as well as lots of other moments of savvy, wise, caring input, Joanna Barnfield for excellent social media support/progression, Adam Stanley and Councillor Janke for supporting our Newport Carnival appearance, all administrators of Newport schools for getting the word out about the Youth Theatre, particular mention to Mrs Ball at Lilleshall Primary.

Many, many people support the group in their special ways – thank you for everyone’s positivity and ‘goodness’ – your integrity and kind action or word always tips the balance towards love.

Thank you very much to our generous funders:

Henshalls Insurance, Waitrose, Edgmond Parish Council, Telford and Wrekin CVS. A particular thank you to Arts Council England for awarding Hannah a ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ grant to develop her skills in creating theatre with children and young people in September which enabled this project.