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Youth Projects 2024

Newport Youth Theatre

Newport community’s very own Youth Theatre was formed in 2022 to build confidence, collaboration, camaraderie and joyful play amongst our children.

The mission of the Youth Theatre is to enable the children and young people of Newport and surrounding areas to meet and mix whilst growing the valuable life skills that studying drama and working towards a high-quality performance offers. 

Our 2022 project.

Our 2023 project.

Newport Youth Theatre now at Cosy Hall!

Your child can now join in with NYT’s make-believe magic every Thursday afterschool in termtime. 

Book your child on a £5 taster session at Cosy Hall. 

Go to to reserve your child’s place.  At the taster sessions, your child will get to experience first-hand the friendly, caring and skilled way we run our speech and drama workshops, and you can ask us any questions. 

At 4pm, we run a LAMDA Club and, at 5.30pm, a Drama Club

The LAMDA Club is for 9 to 12 year olds (older KS2/KS3 children) who enjoy learning scripts and being coached towards achieving a LAMDA qualification in June 2024.

The Drama Club is for 7 to 10 year olds (younger KS2 children) who want to have relaxed fun developing their drama skills; our first theme of 2024 is superheroes. 

“Incredibly passionate company building children’s confidence and creativity.” (NYT 2023 parent review)

Why is a Youth Theatre needed in Newport?

The Youth Theatre was set up in response to an online survey we ran in November 2021 asking if Newport would benefit from a Moonstruck Astronaut CIC regular drama youth group. 85% of the 27 respondents to the survey answered yes that their child would enjoy attending a regular drama group with Moonstruck Astronaut CIC, the remaining 15% answered maybe. Comments were ‘yes definitely think there is a gap in Newport for a drama group’ and ‘would love the children of Newport to be able to perform acting drama’. As Councillor Peter Scott states: “Youth drama has been sadly lacking in the Newport area for decades. Expression and performance are vital to the development of young people. They build confidence and give an outlet to personal creativity. What Moonstruck Astronaut are doing is bringing youth theatre back to Newport.”  Photo Gallery.

Parent / guardian testimonials:

‘My daughter joined the drama group and she loved it from the start. They started off with fun, confidence building games then went on to creating & practicing the show. I was actually astonished whilst watching the show as it seemed more professional than I imagined. I am very proud that my daughter was involved in the first one. I am excited about the future of Moonstruck Astronaut.’ Facebook review

‘My lad really enjoyed coming to the Newport drama group. His confidence really grew in that time and he thought all of the adults running it were great. Looking forward to the next one.’ Facebook review

‘Highly recommend Newport Youth Theatre – ideal for all abilities of children. No previous acting ability required!! All welcome! Good for budding drama pupils or children who just want to try out. Helps children to improve self-esteem and build confidence.’ Google form review

Drama in the Forest

Spring Drama in the Forest

A four-day outdoor drama and movement workshop for 6 to 12 year olds that was run at the events site of Wrekin Forest School over the first four days of the Easter school holidays.  Participants developed an original theatre performance together in the style of an Aesop’s Fable which was shared with an audience of families and friends on the last day. 

‘Best holiday club we’ve had’ 

‘Excellent for all ages and lovely activities.’

‘My children have thoroughly enjoyed it and woken up each day excited to come.  They have improved their confidence and social skills.’

‘A great opportunity to get outdoors in a beautiful setting with excellent leadership!’

Summer Drama in the Forest

The jewel in the crown; a week-long outdoor drama workshop for 6 to 12 year olds run at the events site of Wrekin Forest School in the second or third week of the Summer school holidays. Participants develop an original theatre performance together incorporating musical instruments and movement which will be shared with an audience of families and friends on the Friday. 

‘Absolutely amazing, would highly recommend Drama in the Forest.’

‘Excellent well organised and run.  Good it was a full week as well.’

‘Excellent all round, wonderful staff, fabulous week.’

‘It was perfect.’

The 'Drama in the Forest' concept:

‘Drama in the Forests’ are magical outdoor drama workshops that are run in the Easter and Summer school holidays.  The concept of all ‘Drama in the Forests’ is that participants get the chance to work as a team crafting their own piece of unique theatre incorporating drama skills they are taught. Groups are small and supportive and their drama work is guided and assisted by a skilled team of hands-on workshop leaders.  All are to feel a sense of accomplishment performing their play to families and friends at the end of the last day of each workshop.  The ambience of creating drama outdoors in a beautiful, nurturing setting enhances the experience, helping the children express themselves freely and simply enjoy playing in nature.  The outdoors setting also sets the stage for all children to meet on neutral ground as collaborators, friends and equals who get to know each other as unique and special members of ‘the Drama in the Forest’ community. 

For photos of previous ‘Drama in the Forests’ that capture it’s freeing and creative spirit please go to our Photo Gallery

Past Productions

‘Harry and Dolly: how it all started’ at Dorothy Clive Garden – 2019

‘Harry and Dolly: how it all started’ was an outdoor site-specific play commissioned by the Dorothy Clive Garden and supported by the National Heritage Lottery Fund.  ‘Harry and Dolly’ was performed in promenade around the garden on the 29 and 30th June 2019; it staged the unsung story of Harry Clive and Dorothy Clive, the original founders of the garden, honouring the garden’s 60th Anniversary.  It was conceived, written and directed by Hannah de Quincey, with contributions from David Bowen and Jill Young who played Harry Clive and Dorothy Clive respectively, stage managed by Hannah Evans, and produced by Helen Slevin.

The production was filmed on 30 June 2019 by Junction 15 Filmmakers, and is available to watch for free below:

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