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News Release – Theatre Company celebrates 6th birthday!

Moonstruck Astronaut community theatre company members, photo taken on the 14th December at our 6th birthday party at the Hub Newport

Thanks to Waitrose and the Annabelle Lady Boughey charity, the theatre company hosted a heart-warming 6th birthday party at the Hub Newport on the 14th December.  Waitrose provided £50 worth of party food and Annabelle Lady Boughey funded the venue hire. 

Moonstruck Astronaut C.I.C. was registered with Companies House on the 19th December 2017 with the ambition to co-create arts projects around children that uplift and unite.  Fast-forward six years and the Moonstruck Astronaut rocket is well on its way to fulfilling its mission!  The ‘Drama in the Forest’ project, which began in August 2021, has benefited 350 people, including 80 children and 20 volunteers.  The Newport Youth Theatre, began in February 2022, has benefited 250 people, including 37 children and 15 volunteers.  

Hannah de Quincey, the theatre company’s founder and Artistic Director stated: “In the current climate of arts funding, it’s a feat worthy of celebrating that MA has made it to its 6th birthday.  It is testament to our dedication, talent, and the local community’s support that we are alive and kicking in Newport, Shropshire.”

 A birthday present for the theatre company was Anna Belyavin’s appointment as Associate Director alongside Hannah.  Anna is a dance and movement specialist who joined the theatre company in 2022.  Anna Belyavin shares: “Moonstruck Astronaut have had a fantastic year, making a creative contribution to the lives of lots of people in the local community. It was great to see everyone come together and celebrate last December.”

Anna Belyavin at work during Spring Drama in the Forest 2023

In conjunction with the celebrations, the theatre company set up a Rocket Fuel Fund Campaign on GoFundMe to raise vital funds.  The theatre company is a not-for-profit community interest company; all projects require at least 80% of the funding to be awarded via grants, donations and sponsorship in order to provide access to the arts for an eclectic variety of children, young people and volunteers.  The Rocket Fuel Fund Campaign has raised £360 so far.  It has been successful because of the support of ten volunteers and participants who created these touching testimonial films:

Invaluable experience working with children.
Emily Oakey
Aged 18
Moonstruck Astronaut has made a major difference in my life because it has helped build my confidence and it’s helped me achieve things that I never thought I could ever possibly achieve.
Codie Jones
Aged 13

A highlight of the birthday party was Megan Jones being presented with our first rocket award for outstanding volunteering for the Newport Youth Theatre in 2022 and 2023.  Megan said receiving it was even better than an Oscar.  Other highlights were playing drama party games and staging Balloon Boy blowing out the six candles on his cake! 

Megan Jones, the first Moonstruck Astronaut volunteer to be awarded a rocket!

The group also lit a candle in remembrance of those who are no longer with us.  One of these people is Hannah de Quincey’s mother who sadly died when she was eighteen.  She was a Year 6 Primary School teacher with a gift for nurturing children; the values of equality and kindness she instilled in Hannah live on through her work with children and communities. 

To donate to the theatre company please go to:

The Moonstruck Astronaut family rise to the challenge of staging Santa, his sleigh, his elves and reindeer!

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