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Moonstruck Astronaut C.I.C. Report Photos and Feedback: 2019

Indoors educational project:

1) LAMDA Group Acting tuition for 10 to 15-year olds, Trinity Church, Newport, Sep 2018-March 2019:

Drama coach: Hannah de Quincey, Volunteer drama specialist: John Goodier

Feedback on ‘Drama in the Forest’

Student feedback:

  • ‘Thank you so much for teaching me, I’ve enjoyed everything so much and learnt a lot. I’m a lot more confident and have put myself out there loads more at school.’
  • ‘My confidence skills have improved. My acting skills have too. I got to work with friends and build up my skills. It was altogether really fun. It has helped me improve my acting skills in many different ways from confidence to learn who my character is. It is just a really good experience.’
  • ‘High quality of coaching, attention given to every student. I enjoyed learning new scenes and acting them out. I’ve improved my public speaking and clarity of voice, and learnt not to be scared to go all out when acting. Really great coaching that develops both acting and life skills.’

Parent & carer feedback:

  • ‘Absolutely amazing!  How much progress they have made since September 2017.  Thank you.’
  • ‘So proud of them all.  It’s amazing how much progress they have made in such a short period of time. Thank you.’
  • ‘My daughter has grown so much in confidence over the past two years of doing the Lamda course. She has become more confident, particularly in her communication skills, addressing people, speaking more clearly and more loudly, looking people in the eyes when talking to them, talking to people without blushing. Her organisational skills have grown too and her accountability and dependability. She has learnt to manage her nerves and how to focus and channel herself. There are so many positive points to her enrolling to Hannah’s class…the list is endless.’
  • ‘I would highly recommend Hannah’s Lamda class. Her students learn and make progress in a fun and wholesome environment and develop many skills.’
  • ‘Excellent local drama group, great atmosphere.’
  • ‘A fun drama course taught by an excellent and passionate teacher.

Outdoors educational projects:

2) ‘Harry and Dolly: how it all started’, the Dorothy Clive Garden, 29-30 June 2019

Conceived, written, directed by Hannah de Quincey; produced by Helen Slevin; actors and script additions David Bowen and Jill Young; Front of House Hannah Evans and volunteers; commissioned by the Dorothy Clive Garden; supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Examples of written audience feedback: 

  • ‘An extremely original performance, fantastically written & acted. I thoroughly enjoyed it! The gardens are beautiful.’
  • ‘Wonderful immersive experience.’
  • ‘I thought it was very moving and acted out brilliantly. I was very moved, as you could see how devoted to each other they were.’
  • ‘The play was excellent and brought the story alive. It was enchanting and charming, played with feeling that touched my heart. Well done – I hope you do this play again.’
  • ‘The two actors were superb. The organisation, props, helpers were all excellent. We come here very often and enjoy what the garden means.’
  • ‘Garden theatre – a surprise, lively, emotional, humorous – Well done!’
  • ‘The re-enactment gave an amazing insight into the history of the DCG. So glad we were able to experience this today, hats off to the actors!!’
  • ‘The lovely weather certainly was a bonus. I was transported, absorbed in the story of Harry & Dolly, thanks to the consummate acting skills of David & Jill. Their passings were sensitively acted and I enjoyed the humour.’
  • ‘A wonderful & emotional evocation of the story of Dorothy & Harry. A real tear-jerker, superbly acted by two talented performers.’

Stakeholder feedback:

  • ‘The whole performance was fantastic and very well received by everybody. Congratulations.’ (Kathryn Robey, Curator, Dorothy Clive Garden)

4) ‘Drama in the Forest’ outdoors drama workshop for 7-12 year olds, Wrekin Forest School, project in development, scheduled for August 2021

Hannah de Quincey, Artistic Director of Moonstruck Astronaut C.I.C. and Judie Ellis, Director of Wrekin Forest School (also a C.I.C.) meeting to discuss the ‘Drama in the Forest’ project for the first time, 3rd July 2019.