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Moonstruck Astronaut C.I.C. Report

Photos and Feedback: 2022

Indoors educational project: Newport Youth Theatre

'The Funky Future of Newport' project, 27th Feb - 17th July, at the Hub Newport

Project manager, creative producer, workshop leader (part volunteer): Hannah de Quincey

Administrative assistant: Nicolina Barratt

Workshop assistant volunteers: Megan Jones, Edie Harrison, Jo Anderson, Alex Vickers, John Goodier

Photography volunteer: Lizzie Bennett

Administrative volunteers: Andy Craddock, Anna Truman, Nikki Turnock-Ley, Ed de Quincey

Feedback on 'The Funky Future of Newport' NYT Project:

Participant feedback:

  • I would recommend NYT because you do a load of fun activities and you learn a lot more new skills. We’ve learnt gestures, eye contact, volume and levels.  My determination has got a lot better.  I liked that it was only our ideas that got put into the performance.  (Matt, aged 11)
  • I would definitely recommend NYT as even if you are feeling nervous at the start, it was a great outcome at the end and the play was just brilliant, it was very good, and people really enjoyed it. I am probably a bit better at socialising now and that’s helped with starting secondary school.  I feel quite proud of myself in a way, I can look and think wow I did that.  (Nate, aged 11)

Volunteer feedback:

  • It was the first time I’d properly done something outside of a school network. It was a lot of fun.  I met so many wonderful little kids, also met so many wonderful volunteers who helped me get into a panto group who I auditioned for and surprisingly got.  I’ve come out of my shell quite a lot really compared to how I was when I first started… I’m now just more out there.   The ‘Funky Future of Newport’ project really helped not just me but the entire community of Newport come together as a community. Everyone came together, everyone supported it, and everyone who turned up all had such good things to say about it.  Everyone loved it. (Megan, aged 20-29)
  • I felt so humbled taking photos for Moonstruck Astronaut, all the children were so welcoming and friendly towards me (a random with a camera!) as well as all the volunteers 😊. It was great to see Hannah including the children’s ideas and letting them use their initiative.  To see the progress from rehearsal to performance was incredible, seeing the children’s confidence grow so quickly and see them enjoying themselves through the performance too was just wonderful! (Lizzie, aged 30-39)

Parent/ guardian feedback:

  • Highly recommend Newport Youth Theatre – ideal for all abilities of children. No previous acting ability required!! All welcome! Good for budding drama pupils or children who just want to try out. Helps children to improve self-esteem and build confidence. It gave my son confidence in his school play. He also had the confidence to take on another role at late notice! The teachers were really surprised at his “performance”. I really do feel being involved in the Youth Theatre helped him to develop his projection of voice and stage presence. (Jill, aged 50-59)
  • My lad really enjoyed coming to the Newport drama group. His confidence really grew in that time and he thought all of the adults running it were great. Looking forward to the next one. (Kirsty, aged 40-49)
  • My daughter joined the drama group and she loved it from the start. They started off with fun, confidence building games then went on to creating & practicing the show. I was actually astonished whilst watching the show as it seemed more professional than I imagined. The children had many lines and props to remember and this would normally be a challenge for my daughter but she did amazingly well. This will be due to Hannah’s guidance and confidence building. Hannah was always warm and friendly towards the children. The children are likely to remember the performance and it’s something to be very proud of. They can draw on their experience and tap into their new skills & confidence and bring it to future situations. I am very proud that my daughter was involved in the first one. I am excited about the future of Moonstruck Astronaut. Well done Hannah.  (Rebecca, aged 40-49)
  • It was good for my son to gain some confidence in being able to act and say the rehearsed lines in front of others. I could see he had made some gains in his confidence levels, especially when watching the ‘Funky Future of Newport’ performance.  It was great to see him performing with the other children and seeing all the children helping each other.  (Nikki, aged 50-59)

Key stakeholder feedback:

  • We had the pleasure of hosting the weekly rehearsals for the Youth Theatre here at the Hub for their first drama project. The outcome was a fabulous performance which was very well attended. (Debbie Bundy, Hub Manager, the Hub Newport, aged 30-39)
  • Youth drama has been sadly lacking in the Newport area for decades. Anyone with an interest in theatre currently has to travel out of town to Telford and beyond.  What Moonstruck Astronaut are doing is bringing youth theatre back to Newport.  I applaud the work done to date. Expression and performance are vital to the development of young people.   They build confidence and give an outlet to personal creativity. Moonstruck Astronaut have my full support.  (Cllr Peter Scott, Newport North & West, Telford and Wrekin Council, aged 60-69)

Audience feedback on 10th July performance:


What did you think of the performance?

What was the best part of the performance?

Any other comments?


Great.  Impressed that children remembered lines and actions for all the parts.

Robo Buddy arrives at house.  Friday dinner.

Just brilliant.  Lovely.  Well done.  Very proud.  Great achievement for all.


Very participative for the cast.

Bits of humour.  ‘Bon Appetit’ from a robot!

Well done Hannah and the cast.


It was interesting and entertaining.

The adverts and the clock.

Great to see a youth theatre back in Newport.  Look forward to the next show.


I enjoyed all of it.

I enjoyed all of it.



Absolutely fantastic!  So unique and well thought ideas.

The acting!  Such great emotions portrayed, kids looked like they it enjoyed it so much too!

All the cast should be so proud of their achievements, such stars!


Very good with differing age groups involved – not an easy task.  They all performed with confidence which can only grow.

Fabulous that this was created from their own thoughts and ideas.

Wonderful robot costumes!  A great first event.  Onwards and upwards.


Fun and well performed.

All of it.  Space travel advert.

Children performed so well as a team.


Inspiring, collective thoughts of making life easier and less hectic – shows how impacts on the children of today.

How all the children supported and encouraged each other.

Hard work shone through.  Well done.


Lots of energy. Great teamwork.

The robots!

You definitely need staging.


For me this was a great pleasure.  Everyone ot.

The children did extremely well.  There are some budding actors.

Looking forward to the next.  Thank you all.  Mrs M Jones.


Fantastic, entertaining, funny.  Well-rehearsed.

A Funky Friday Night in Newport.

Very expressive and clear delivery.  Great teamwork.


It was great!  All of the children did really well.

All of it.

Well done everyone!  It was difficult to see performers some of the time – any chance of having them on a stage in the future?


When children come together collaboratively to recreate their visions / interpretations, it is always inspiring.  And MA has managed that really well.

The simplicity of the props, costumes, movement to convey those ideas.

The space worked but they would benefit from being raised with a ‘wider stage’.  Will work in other venues I think e.g. St Nick’s which I as Reader could facilitate.


Original ideas.  Liked that young people’s ideas used.  The group worked well together.

All of it!  Great having lots of little scenes.  Watching Nate – so proud of him.  All children did really well!

Sometimes struggled to see where I was sitting.

Alex, Megan, Nicolina and Hannah on NYT launch day, Sunday 27th February
NYT 2022 cohort at the end of a Sunday workshop session

Outdoors educational project: Drama in the Forest

'Summer Drama in the Forest' for 6-12 year olds, 8th - 12th August at Wrekin Forest School:

Project manager, creative producer & lead artist (drama): Hannah de Quincey

Administrative assistant: Nicolina Barratt

Lead artists (pastoral/forest school, dance, music): Becky James, Anna Belyavin, Laura Atyeo

Workshop assistant volunteers: Alex Vickers, Emily Oakey, Harvey Brookes, Amy Field, Annabel Shaw, John Goodier

Feedback on 'Summer Drama in the Forest':

Participant feedback:

  • We’ve done lots of drama and we’ve had lots of fun. We’ve played in fairytales like Hansel and Gretal, the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk. (Sofia, aged 10)
  • For two days in a row everyone would hide rocks and we had to find them and it was really fun. (William, aged 10)

Volunteer and employee feedback:

  • I loved my time volunteering at drama in the forest. It gave me something really productive and enjoyable to do in my summer, something that will make a difference and will look great on my personal statement. The other volunteers were fab and so we’re the children. It’s given me even more confidence when working with kids and has allowed me to have experience working with all different ages and abilities. It has inspired me even further to work with children and has made me realise how much I want to be able to teach kids drama if I become a teacher. Overall a brilliant experience – one that I would happily do again. (Emily, aged 17)
  • I think being outdoors in itself is absolutely wonderful, taking drama outdoors as well. Drama has got so many benefits for children, it helps develop confidence, it makes them more secure in themselves and in terms of sharing in front of larger audiences. (Alex, aged 18)
  • The Drama in the Forest gives children the ability to show more strength in their personalities, allowing them to speak up or just even if they are playing a musical instrument to doing a little bit of movement, it gives them that little bit more confidence. I’ve noticed such a change through from Monday til today. (Becky, aged 40-49)
  • Beautiful experience in the forest, which was a wonderful setting for some imaginative, playful magic. The children involved were enthusiastic and engaged and created some marvellous retold fairy tales with their own twists and ideas, and incorporated music and sound effects in an effective way.  It has helped my own practise by strengthening what I feel is most important: authentic expression and mutual trust to improvise and create in a colourful, heartfelt way. (Laura, aged 40-49)
  • Nice to collaborate with other art forms and connect with a new team. It was excellent to embrace a diverse group and create a positive creative experience. For me this project was fun, creative, potential filled. Seeds of something really unique and exciting. (Anna, aged 30-39)
  • For some of the children it’s the first time they’ve touched on drama and socialising in a diverse group of ages and backgrounds and there’s an infinite number of skills that are being developed. (Hannah, aged 40-49)

Parent/guardian/ community feedback:

  • What an achievement by both the children and the team. Such a great thing to do and I hope it happens again next year and the next and the next! (Alison, aged 50-59)
  • Excellent all round, wonderful stuff, fabulous week.
  • A great opportunity to get outdoors in a beautiful setting with excellent leadership!
  • Gives children the opportunity to mix with others. Plenty to do and help to keep them occupied.
  • Confidence has increased massively, has been able to demonstrate her creativity.
  • Excellent well organised and run. Good it was a full week as well.
  • Best holiday club we’ve had.
  • Amazing and essential.
  • Excellent for all ages and lovely activities.
  • My children have thoroughly enjoyed it and woken up each day excited to come. They have improved their confidence and social skills.
  • More of the same please.

Key stakeholder feedback:

  • It’s been fantastic to see the Drama in the Forest kids doing drama, having fun, making new friends, and connecting with nature on our events site at Wrekin Forest School. We enjoy working with Hannah and sharing this adventure. (Judie Udale, Director of Wrekin Forest School CIC, aged 50-59)
The Summer Drama in the Forest 2022 group photo

MA Community Interest Company Report 2022: