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Moonstruck Astronaut C.I.C. Report Photos and Feedback: 2021

Outdoors educational projects:

1) ‘Drama in the Forest’ for 7-12 year olds,16th – 18th August, Wrekin Forest School:

Project organiser & workshop leader (part volunteer): Hannah de Quincey
Assistant organiser (volunteer): Anna Truman
Administrative assistant: Sam White
Forest School assistant leader: Becky James
Workshop assistant volunteers: Ella Foster & Alex Vickers
Photography volunteer: Jo Edwards

Feedback on ‘Drama in the Forest’

Student oral feedback:

  • It was a lot of fun performing. I’d recommend it to others as they’d really like it. (Casey, aged 8)
  • I’ve really enjoyed the drama. I’d recommend it to others as it gets you out of your comfort zone. Being here you can be wild and free, you don’t have to worry about your comfort zone, you can step out of it and do whatever. (Amy, aged 12)

Volunteer oral feedback:

  • It’s been really amazing, a lot of fun… great experience for anything in life. (Ella, aged 17)

Parent/guardian written feedback:

  • My little boy went to Drama in the Forest last week and had such a great time! He couldn’t wait to get there every day. Hannah and Becky were really so lovely with him. Just in the 3 days his confidence grew and he loved being in the forest making friends and learning. He has already said he hopes it’s on again next year ☺️ I can’t recommend it highly enough.
  • Excellent opportunity for children to meet new friends, extend and show off their talents all in the beautiful natural setting.
  • My children have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and my daughter has grown with how she interacts with her brother and others.
  • Friendly organisation utilising the great outdoors, facilitating and learning drama skills.
  • My son really has enjoyed being outdoors and making new friends. He is hoping it is run again next year. He really has loved the 3 days.
  • Previously she did not like being on stage, but since attending the Drama in the Forest workshop she has become a lot more confident and starred in the school Christmas play.
  • It was the first thing our children have attended in the holidays and we left them so it felt like a big deal. Children enjoyed it and were happy to come – good opportunity to work with other children they would not otherwise have met – good mixed ages working together for a common theme.
  • Hannah is very approachable and friendly, an inclusive approach – all children welcome. Nice that children could add their own individuality to the performance.
  • Good idea and execution.
  • Both my children have done extremely well in confidence. The setting, the organisation and communication and the end show were all excellent. Excellent show for only 3 days of organising. Well done and thank you.

2.) ‘Spooky Drama in the Forest’ for 7-12 year olds, 28th October, Wrekin Forest School:

Project organiser & workshop leader (part volunteer): Hannah de Quincey
Assistant organiser (volunteer): Anna Truman
Forest School assistant leader: Becky James
Workshop assistant volunteers: Ella Foster & Alex Vickers
Photography volunteer: Jo Edwards

Feedback on ‘Spooky Drama in the Forest’:

Parent/guardian written feedback:

  • Forest and drama – two of the best things combined!!
  • Brilliant and patient staff with a wonderful flair for creativity. Great day for all involved. He really benefits from socialising with children of his age / developmental stage. He enjoys drama activities and expressing himself in different forms. A huge thank you from us.
  • The children seem happy and to have had lots of fun. Good team work, clear speaking and consistent story lines along the spells and potion theme.
  • Fantastic from beginning to end. It’s excellent how comfortable my son is and excited to attend.
  • My daughter had a fantastic time, loved meeting new kids and spending time outside being creative!
  • Fabulous! My daughter’s words: ‘It was really fun!’ It has built her confidence with clear instructions. Thank you so much

Volunteer and employee written feedback on working on both outdoor drama projects:

  • Excellent time developing leadership skills and skills related to working with children. Very good fun and an enjoyable experience. 11/10 would recommend to others to take opportunities like this.  Volunteering has made a lot of difference to me. It has improved my level of experience, fun and CV development.  (Alex, volunteer aged 17)
  • Fantastic experience of working with children of a wide range of ages, developing Drama and performance skills that can be put forward to my future Drama career.  Volunteering has made a lot of difference to me.  Helped me build my confidence and my CV.  More experience within a chosen field, enhances practice within school and assists with university and job applications.  (Ella, volunteer aged 17)
  • I offered my photographic services to DNIF to help build the MA brand, develop the website through candid photography that shared the DNIF experience. Benefits to me included exposure to a new environment with potential for future client shoots or a workshop environment for photography lessons. From a personal point of view, this was a very relaxed environment which helps to clear the mind and foster creativity.  Overall, a fun, creative and liberating experience that develops confidence and teaches new skills.   (Jo, volunteer aged 40-49)
  • Volunteering allows me to have a creative outlet where I can share ideas and help to shape the future of Drama in the Shropshire and wider areas.  I’ve enjoyed the time spent giving my input and helping to support this amazing venture which I’m sure will continue to benefit the community in years to come. (Anna, volunteer aged 30-39)
  • I have benefitted from working on the Drama in the Forests by learning about how drama can be used in a range of ways and expressing oneself, giving everyone belief in themselves, and watching others build friendships. (Becky, aged 40-49)
  • I gained huge amounts of satisfaction from being involved with the setup of Moonstruck Astronaut and their first Summer Drama in the Forest! A wonderful experience. I met new people and enjoyed seeing children have an amazing time creating and building on their drama skills and confidence. I am drawn to projects which help others so loved being a part of the team. The drama provision is centred on young juniors however Hannah was able to provide volunteer places for 2 drama students, providing them with work experience and helping to build their confidence. With the creative learning and the encouragement from Hannah and the team on top there was a fantastic sense of achievement enjoyed by everyone involved.  Hannah is full of enthusiasm; she interacts with everyone with honesty and a genuine wish to help children learn and develop drama skills in a fun and engaging environment. She makes everyone feel welcome and valued. (Sam, aged 50+)

Indoors educational project:

3.) Newport Community Youth Theatre – being set up in 2022:

The Newport Community Youth Theatre is a new project being developed by MA in close collaboration with the community of Newport.  The shape of the project emerged from an online survey completed by 27 adults asking if Newport would benefit from a regular youth drama group circulated in November/December 2021.  85% of the respondents to the survey answered yes that their child would enjoy attending a regular drama group with Moonstruck Astronaut, the remaining 15% answered maybe.  Comments were ‘yes definitely think there is a gap in Newport for a drama group’ and ‘would love the children of Newport to be able to perform acting drama’.  

“Youth drama has been sadly lacking in the Newport area for decades.  Anyone with an interest in theatre currently has to travel out of town to Telford and beyond.  What Moonstruck Astronaut are doing is bringing youth theatre back to Newport.  I applaud the work done to date. Expression and performance are vital to the development of young people.   They build confidence and give an outlet to personal creativity. Moonstruck Astronaut have my full support.”  Cllr Peter Scott, Newport North & West, Telford and Wrekin Council

There is a gap in provision for youth theatre and community theatre in Newport which MA is working to fill.

Hannah de Quincey, Artistic Director of Moonstruck Astronaut community theatre company, celebrating that the ideal venue for the Youth Theatre has been found – the Hub Newport. Photo taken 20th January 2022.

Community Interest Company Report 2021