In orbit around children

“Moonstruck Astronaut is a theatre company that stages plays for and with children and their communities that delight in unusual ideas. Our mission is to create performances that encounter life from a child’s open-minded perspective of wonder in order to foster intergenerational and intercultural friendship.”

– Hannah de Quincey
Founder and Artistic Director

Current Projects

LAMDA Classes – term-time only

photo taken by Steve of the Shropshire Star, 14 June 2018

We have been running very successful after-school group acting classes on a Tuesday and Thursday 4-5pm at Trinity Church, Newport, Shropshire. All students have been awarded merits and distinctions when assessed by LAMDA and have grown in self-belief, ability, and confidence.

Future Projects

Summer Drama Retreat – August 2020 (exact date tbc)

We have teamed up with Wrekin Forest School to offer a summer drama retreat like no other combining being outdoors in a fantastic natural, location with the magic of creating theatre together.  Please email for more information.

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Past Productions

‘Harry and Dolly: how it all started’ at Dorothy Clive Garden

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‘Harry and Dolly: how it all started’ was an outdoor site-specific play commissioned by the Dorothy Clive Garden and supported by the National Heritage Lottery Fund.  ‘Harry and Dolly’ was performed in promenade around the garden on the 29 and 30th June 2019; it staged the unsung story of Harry Clive and Dorothy Clive, the original founders of the garden, honouring the garden’s 60th Anniversary.  It was conceived, written and directed by Hannah de Quincey, with contributions from David Bowen and Jill Young who played Harry Clive and Dorothy Clive respectively, stage managed by Hannah Evans, and produced by Helen Slevin.

‘Zombie Challenge Day’ at Keele University

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We created ‘the Zombie Challenge Day’ in collaboration with Higher Horizons+ and Keele University on the 6 July, 2018, with 60 high school students and 5 Keele schools involved. It was a unique University outreach day designed to allow Year 9s privileged access to cutting edge resources and academic staff at Keele University through the vehicle of a crystal maze type challenge. In teams, students were tasked to solve various subject challenges to stop the spread of a zombie virus before it turns deadly. A ground-breaking and ingenious concept originally conceived by Moonstruck Astronaut, generously developed and funded by Higher Horizons+.

Wulf’s Quest – a unique family adventure where the audience were the heroes and solved timed challenges around the museum to save the Anglo-Saxons from starvation.
The Man in the Moon – an ingenious, sensitive, touching piece about the process of bereavement as seen through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy who happens to be a balloon.

Our Mission

1. To serve the people of the Midlands.
2 .To promote community cohesion.
3. To encourage intergenerational and intercultural dialogue.
4. To inspire creativity and confidence among the young and old.
5. To attain a consistent standard of creative excellence.

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