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"Moonstruck Astronaut is a theatre company that stages plays for and with children and their communities that delight in unusual ideas. Our mission is to create performances that encounter life from a child’s open-minded perspective of wonder in order to foster intergenerational and intercultural friendship."

- Hannah de Quincey
Founder and Artistic Director

Current News

The Banana Show

Moonstruck Astronaut is currently focusing on manifesting 'The Banana Show' this year. It is to be a 30 minute two-hander for children aged 6-11 which combines elements of theatre, puppetry, physical comedy and music. The show puts the banana fruit centre stage at last, comically investigating its heritage and identity. Telford primary school children are to create the music for the show while we create the show with two actors who play a monkey and a banana. It is hoped the theatre and music project will run in April and May culminating in performances at the Hive in Shrewsbury on the 23rd, 25th and 26th May. We are currently waiting to hear back from the Arts Council about funding the project and a crowdfunder campaign is to be set up shortly.

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Past Productions

Our Mission

  1. To serve the people of the Midlands.
  2. To promote community cohesion.
  3. To encourage intergenerational and intercultural dialogue.
  4. To inspire creativity and confidence among the young and old.
  5. To attain a consistent standard of creative excellence.

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